Are Snow Tires or Tire Chains Better?

The best way to navigate the snow is not too. Really, unless you absolutely have to go out and drive in the snow, you should stay home where it?s warm. Or take a bus. But if you must venture out in your car upon the snow, you might face the age-old problem: chains or tires.

As you?re aware, when driving in the snow, there are risks and hazards that you don?t have to face under more normal conditions. To keep in control, and keep your car on the straight and narrow, you will need a traction device, something you can use to make sure when you leave point A, that point B won?t be a ditch, or another car. This is where the snow tires, or chains will be of use.  

Snow Tires

Snow tires are designed specifically to handle in the snow, with a deeper tread meant to cut through ice and snow to provide greater traction and hold over the road. Although they do cost more than standard tires, they are recommended by people with knowledge of tires and who know about the local harsh winters and ice. Many of the tires will come with studs that can be applied in times of deeper snow, increasing your traction. Of course, not everyone can afford snow tires, or have the time, or tools, to do the needed change over.

Tire Chains

Tire chains are just that, chains designed to fit your standard tires, providing deep ridges for traction on snow and ice for easier, safer handling. Snow chains can be longwearing and won?t need to be replaced as often, and are usually much cheaper than snow tires. On the other hand, Snow tires must be replaced when worn to remain effective, and can be expensive. This even goes for those that are only used during the winter. Snow chains are much cheaper and easier to replace if damaged. And if you need to store them, you can roll them up and put them in the trunk. 

The best choice for you, between snow tires and tire chains, will be the choice that best fits your time, your car and your budget. If you think snow tires are the best for you, and you don?t want to have to mess with chains, then that?s the way you should lean. If you think that your budget might not be able to take a set of tires, and you don?t mind putting them on and taking them off, then you might want to look at the option of tire chains.